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Our Agile Training and Coaching Programs

Agile Leaders Training and Certification

On your initial journey to a higher-performing organization and higher-performing teams, with Lean-Agile thinking, Agile mindset, practices, and processes we will navigate you through the establishment of a harmonized Agile Leadership Team as the anchor and foundation to support the pillars of the Agile values.  The overarching goal is to equip the Agile Leaders (i.e.; Leadership Team, Managers, and Directors with both the understanding and practical skills of how best to lead, guide, and support at the portfolio/program and team level, respectively.

Agile Team Trainings &  Workshops

While the Agile certification is valuable for educating individuals on the principles and concept overview of Agile, teams and organizations still struggle when it comes to the actual implementation and scaling of Agile.


To address the common challenges and struggles faced by individuals and collectively as a team and organization,  Agile Transformers have modularized the key Agile scrum processes into practical workshops/webinars. These classes incorporate best practices  based upon several years of experiences from the coaches, whom have worked in the trenches with the teams.

Agile Teams / Process Optimization

Our tenet of “Use Agile to Become Agile”, Lean Startup Up principles and Agile Values serve as the cornerstone for our Agile transformation approach. Through optimization of the teams/Agile process, engineering practices, and other product development efforts, you will be able to quickly gauge how well distinct aspects of Agile thinking, processes, and practices help your teams and enterprise to perform better.  These validated learnings position the organization to frequently adapt, promote successful journeys, and establish new outcomes to explore as you evolve your application of Agile.

Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools Configuration & Optimization

The tools should not drive the process. Instead, the process should drive the tools to support the new way of working.  The top benefits/values that we had helped our clients achieve were:


  • Enable visibility and transparency into the work to help ALL levels within the organization make informed decisions pertaining to planning, prioritizing, estimating, forecasting, and mitigating risks early​
  • Support and enable Agile teams to be self-managing


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