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Course: Motivational Interviewing for Agile Leaders (4-Hours)




Agile Transformations face a daunting landscape of failures and disappointments.  Most of the challenges come from Agile Leaders missing subtle cues that can take an easy situation to a complete disaster.  This has nothing to do with the Leader’s skills, but everything to do with the interaction with a plethora of participants in the Transformation.  


This class goes over tested strategies for understanding all phases of the transformation as well as to how to spot and respond to any challenge.  We cover the techniques with clear examples, engaging exercises and group cases.  At the end of the class Leaders will have a framework to understand and move through conflicting and puzzling situations maximizing the chances of success for the company and for the Transformation.




  • Each session has a minimum of 5 persons
  • Per Person: $800 
  • Group: 10+ persons - 20% Discount


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