Agile Transformers, LLC, a boutique Agile transformation consulting firm, was formed out of need to address gaps that are preventing organizations from achieving their full potential of Agility.  Through our holistic approach, we have enabled our clients to maximize the delivery of business values / streamlined solutions for their customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders while managing costs and risks. Our core competencies main area of focus is on Enterprise Agile Transformation, which includes advisory, training (leadership and team), and coaching with an agnostic approach to frameworks, practices, and tools. We champion and support the Agile Mindset as the solid foundation to successful transformation thus enabling Sustainable Organization Agility.



Our Key Differentiators

Our People

Our Agile coaches and trainers have extensive experiences over many years in helping enterprises adapt to new and better collaborative techniques in accomplishing their goals of software delivery better, faster, cheaper, as well as scaling such practices and processes. We have facilitated empirical learning, while encouraging broader adoption of lean and agile techniques to speed up software delivery and increase the quality of product. As a result, we have enabled teamwork collaboration, transparency and trust in organizations enabling agility.

We take a pragmatic approach to help tailor and customize solutions for our clients. Each client is treated as a partner whereby we work hand-in-hand to assess problems/challenges and determine best solutions while taking into consideration the organization’s culture and boundary. We have a strong belief in evolving culture and behaviors at all levels (individuals, teams, program, and portfolio), which are proven ways to transform an entire organization through a unified purpose. 


Our Coaches and Trainers' Experiences and Credentials:

  • 20+ years of Enterprise Agile Transformation as an Agile coach/trainer utilizing various Agile Methodologies and Scaled Agile Frameworks (Spotify, LeSS, SAFe)
  • Agile Tools Subject Matter Experts (Agility Health Radar, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira Align, VersionOne, Rally)
  • Industry Agile Certifications: Certified SPCs (SAFe Program Consultants), Certified Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC), Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Agility Health Radar Facilitators, etc.


Meet some of our Agile Coaches and Trainers



Our Agile Transformation Approach


Agile Mindset

  • Agile coaches and trainers share a unique combination of experience with 20+ years of Agile transformational coaching, team development through lean-agile mindset, and communication/cultural awareness. 
  • We have helped organizations transform from a low-trust culture to a high-trust culture; a cultural/Agile mindset of valuing people over process and how their leadership ability determines their effectiveness.

Sustainable Organizational Agility

  • Enabling our clients to achieve Sustainable Organizational Agility versus simply process ability. 
  • To achieve Sustainable Organizational Agility, both process ability as well as leadership ability have to be taken into consideration, which the latter many competing companies lack the breadth and depth of experience. 
  • Sustainable Organizational Agility is NOT focused on process but on PEOPLE

Leader’s Factor

  • Our Agile Leadership Training and Coaching Program raises awareness of the participant’s leaders’ factor that influences their work culture. 
  • It helps them to better understand the balance of process ability and leadership ability and how this influences their organization to evolve from being an autocratic management culture of authority to a leadership of influence to achieve the desired culture of innovation and continuous learning. 

Our Proprietary Enterprise Agile Transformation Toolkit (Agile Amplified), which includes the strategy/approach, tools, and templates to accelerate establishing the Enterprise Agile transformation roadmap and mobilization plan towards Sustainable Organization Agility.


Our Values

  • Unquestionable Ethics
  • Commitment to our clients's success
  • Flexibility and Agility with a purpose
  • Teamwork Spirit
  • Respect for the individual and diversity
  • Accountability
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